Surviving the Festive Season

This festive season you are going to be tempted, it is going to take some will power to survive this. We have got some great tips on how to survive it and not let your health go down the pudding bowl. 7 December 2015 | Cape Town

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There are so many temptations out there and it is so easy to give in to kids demands these days. All these things seem so innocent yet they are not. What is actually good for my kids?

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20 years ago, if you said you were stressed, people thought you held an important job and you were very successful. Today, nobody wants to be stressed, yet everyone is. What can we do about it?

sigar inflammation

Sugar | Inflammation

Here is now a hot topic. Sugar being one of the leading causes of chronic inflammation, is a topic that can be discussed for hours.



What are the environmental factors that influence your wellbeing in places where you work, sleep, exercise? Do you know how Wifi or cell phone signal affects your health?


Organic Supplementation

Are you supplementing? Should you be supplementing? What is food concentrate supplementation? Come and hear what our doctors are using for their patients with chronic disease.

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Drinking tap water

Have you really considered the quality of your tap water? Have you considered purifying your water? Do you know why it is suggested you purify your tap water? Don't miss this part of our talk.


Heart Health

Is Cholesterol bad for you or not? Banting diets, high fat or healthy fat? Do you know where to start and what to do?

healthy eating

Healthy Eating

What does it mean to eat healthily? Can you tell the difference between what labels say and what really is healthy?

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Water purification

Dont ever complain water is costly, just look at the list below of all the cool stuff you get free with your water. Get yourself a water purification system today, put it on your tap and drink clean water please. An alphabetical listing with links to fact sheets on the primary

25tips for stress

25 Healthy Ways to deal with stress

1- Just say No. You can say the NO word without guilt. It’s okay. Especially, to things that cannot be a priority at this time. When you are stressed you don’t need anything “extra” on your already full plate. 2- Ask for help. You just need to ask. During stressful